A piece of paradise

Bring, Save, Sell or throw out???

Bring, Save, Sell or throw out???

Our house in Sweden is finally sold. We will hand over the keys to the new owners on July 7th.

The big move is closing in on us! Our dream is so close! The house is full of boxes being packed and unpacked. When we put the house up for sale a couple of months ago we were in a hurry to get it in exhibition mode and numerous are the boxes marked "Sort later"... Now that the deal is closed we can start packing for real. We have decided that a moving company would be to expensive, and have bought our own moving trailer, so we have to scale down the "Bring" boxes down to a total of 390 kg, that is the maximum weight the trailer is allowed to hold when it is pulled with our car. The "Save" boxes and furniture have to fit on 5m2, so that the storage cost won't ruin us. The "Sell" boxes are unlimited, so we hope to get a really good turn up on our garage sale next weekend!

The animals' rabies vaccination was just changed from tomorrow to Friday, as the vet had too many bookings tomorrow. Both cat and dog are acting like rebellious teenagers right now, since the house is a disorganized mess with all boxes and piles of stuff being sorted...

I have two more weeks of work and the kids four more weeks of school. We are really looking forward to get trough the messy part of the packing, and head out towards our own piece of paradise!