We are living a longtime dream, and it came true sooner than we thought possible. Two parents, two teenagers, a dog and a cat. Follow our family's adventure as we return to our Sardinian roots on Facebook! Come and take a course or stay at Casa Sanna just to enjoy the surroundings, and we will show you our piece of paradise!


Anna Murgia

Owner & Marketing Manager of Casa Murgia, Manager of Casa Sanna B&B.

I have worked in marketing and media for close to 20 years. I have lived, studied and worked in Sweden, Denmark, the United States, Belgium and Great Britain. I am a Rotarian and eager networker, and I love to meet new people and make things happen. I take opportunities when I see them.

I am looking forward to “get back to nature” a bit more, eventually growing our own vegetables, maybe keeping a few chicken, adjusting my day after our guests needs and the weather. To be able to show the world our piece of paradise that is Sardinia, is a dream come true.

Another clear objective is also getting a chance to "give back" to Mogorella, that I fell in love with the first time I came here. This I will do by collaborating with local entrepreneurs and local businesses.

For more information on my professional background please visit my LinkedIn profile.


Mattias Murgia

Business Partner and Team Leader at IKEA, Cagliari
and Financial Director of Casa Murgia, Mogorella

I have worked as a business controller, in global companies, for more than two decades. I like to get to know new people and I am a good judge of character. I am analytical and cautious, in my way of business.

I enjoy international environments and appreciate local culture wherever I meet it. My father came from Sardinia to Sweden in the 1960s and I have spent many summers on the island during my childhood. I am looking forward to “get back to my roots” and let my children know their heritage. Being able to show our piece of paradise to our guests is an added bonus.

For more information on my professional background please visit my LinkedIn profile.